Showroom / Værksted

Slettevej 16

3210 Vejby


The expression of my ceramic work shows a concentration of Scandinavian simplicity and ease. Nature is reflected in almost all of my collections and it is clear that one can not escape a childhood lined with spruces trees and moss. I work with both functional ware as well as sculptures and installations.

"-For me the ceramic work is about trying to make the material visible. An attempt to express the beauty and possibilities of the material. As well as an opportunity to share my thoughts. Thoughts about the time we live in and reflections about the reality which we have to relate to. We live in a world where mass consumption is always present and where we dont have hours enough. Pressure is a constant companion and the list of shortcomings long...
My hope is that my work will last. That when it is bought it is there to stay. That when used og looked upon it gives happiness and joy.
Sustainability needs to be taken seriously and reflection is necessary and both needs to be a larger part of our daily lives."