Tina Marie



Subtle silhouettes with unpretentious details, caused by the ceramic processes and materials. Shaded color combinations and vivid surfaces plays the most important role.
When creating ceramic pieces, i aim at a mix of materals and surfaces to create the most sencuous experience.
You will find slight imperfections and marks, which tells about the process of creation, contributing to the uniqueness and adds character to the individual handmade piece.

All is handcrafted in Denmark. All is stoneware, thrown on potterswheel or cast in moulds. All is glazed by hand, in glazes developed especially for each piece.

It is an important part of my philosophy to keep all production in Denmark, rather than sending it off to far away countries, to have a sustainable production, a close relationship to the helping hands and as a very important point, this maintains old craftsmanship and knowhow in Denmark, so that the fine ceramics tradition can continue.

This is why i am one of the promotors and owners of the small factory Den Danske Keramikfabrik, on the danish island, Bornholm, and takes great pride in this initiative.