Clayform is a ceramic design studio that produces a variety of functional and decorative design objects. The inspiration for which comes directly from the systems in nature and the human body on a micro scale. For example, kidney stones, cellular construction, and cilia that help things flow. Interpreted and taken through a process to create functional products that range from jewelry inspired by the bones in the hand, to fruit platters that mimic the movement of cilia. This design process results in functional ceramic products that challenge the imagination with a strong form language, and a clean aesthetic that plays creatively with light and shadow.

Signe Bailey establish Clayform in 2008 to explore these areas. Since receiving her masters in ceramic design from the Danish Design School at Kolding in 2007 she has worked towards the perfection of a minimal form language where all the unnecessary elements are removed.

All products are designed and handmade in Denmark.
IG: @clayform_dk

Ceramic Studio:
Viktoria Ceramic Studio Cph
Vesterbrogade 24B, across the yard
1620 København V