Butik / Værksted

Keramiker Inge Vincents

Jægersborggade 43

2200 København N



Medlem af Optagelsesudvalget (fagrepræsentant keramik)

I work somewhat at the edge of the functional, from thin to hysterically thin, straddling the fence between crafts and fine art. Everything I make, however, is intended for gentle use. Vases, bowls, tealights and mugs are all very much everyday objects, but all aim to inject a little poetic lightness into the quotidian. The simple and light idiom has a strong Scandinavian reference, yet with a more organic twist. I use techniques such as slab-building or wheel-throwing with a particular focus on the sculptural and textural properties of clay.

Running my studio, developing and producing my work is a fulltime job. I only take on a commission if it’s a good fit for what I do and how I work.

In 2007, 2008 and 2009 I received honourable mentions from the biennales in Korea (CEBIKO) and Japan (Mino), and in 2007 I received the Applied Arts Award bronze medal and debuted at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition. For the past 16 years I’ve been specialising in thinware porcelain. In 2009 I established my own studio and shop in Copenhagen open to the public six days a week.