George William Bell’s work is predominantly concerned with highlighting and exploring the nuanced moments where the material glass expresses its innate qualities. Working with processes of constructing and deconstructing line and form, he has moved into uncharted territory in search for the balance between the skill of the artisanal will and the self governing expressions of materiality. At the core of his exploration lies the idea that man's understanding of the world originates from its material dimensions. Combining techniques of glass making in a non-traditional format George William Bell’s works strike the observer as fragments of a story, forms presented through a prism that distorts but also focuses on a material reality beyond human presence.

"Working with glass feels as though I am sculpting and giving form to light, producing lenses and layers for light to flow through. There is no action that can be made with hot glass that doesn't leave a clear and lasting impact on the surface, form and pattern of the object. As such, a finished piece can almost be read as if the maker’s tools were still upon it."