Designer / Kunsthåndværker



Showroom / Værksted

Claudia Schoemig

Raumerstr. 35

10437 Berlin


An element of surprise always at hand — Claudia Schoemig designs and crafts delicate porcelain objects in her Berlin studio for intriguing tablescapes and interiors. Uniting a contemporary approach, refined artisanal techniques and advanced production methods, Schoemig’s work is marked by its light and poetic nature.

Schoemig founded SCHOEMIG PORZELLAN in 2010 with the launch of her first GRAPH objects. Her studio has since evolved into a lab for experimental research, an exploration space for one-of-a-kind creations, a manufacturing site and a showroom, all-in-one.

Schoemig’s filigree vessels captivate viewers with their serenity and sensuality. Her characteristic, linear hand drawings remain recurring features in her work. Schoemig is adept at the rare and demanding skill of hand-throwing porcelain. Always up for continuous develompent and exploring the vast realms of ceramic materials, she harnesses a wide range of techniques and modern industrial processes.

Claudia Schoemig is one of the co-founders of the Berlin designer collective MATTER of COURSE.