Grimwade Olofsson


Annelie Grimwade Olofsson focuses on combining material research and design, primarily working in ceramics and glass. Her motivation derives from society related issues where the context is essential. Grimwade investigates human activity, in a bio-geophysical setting, where the concept of fragility is a recurring theme. Through experimentation and theoretical research her projects develop into conceptual works which explores the borderland between control and self governed form. She believes that the true power of material aesthetics is found beyond human imagination. She catalogues and describes, nonetheless her works always hold a sense of oddness and poetry about them.

"The way humans perceive the world is through our five senses, these senses inform us about our surroundings. Baring this in mind I try to approach design work in a way in which it might touch humans in their lives, attempting to foster an appreciation of the moment and a deeper understanding of materiality in contrast to human inflict on earth. I see craft as a way to inform design and to bring awareness and tactile encounters back to the viewer, or the experience if you may, and thus the nature of creativ