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Alikka Garder



Birkedommervej 27.1.sal

2400, KBH NV





Aktuelle udstillinger

3daysofdesign / Kongens Lapidarium / hoste DDcated

Work by Alikka Garder Petersen / Denmark

When light shines through the walls of porcelain it will be a warm glow and you can sense the hole body of the clay. It’s like the clay/porcelain comes alive again and the boundaries will be dissolved, between object and the room/the surroundings.
Alikka is working in the clay in precise controlled shapes and also more free, where the porcelain is driven to the edge and shapes itself. She try to shape her objects as simple as possible and uses the prints of the process intentionally/positively in the composition, like the porcelain joints. Repetition and variation, contrasts and materials clashes are ongoing themes in her work.

Working in larger scales means that lightobjects will fill up a bigger space in the room, but because of the light also in a more overbearing way. They becomes a part of the space and sets the mood in the room. It becomes more than just about the actual object.

Alikka is educated from The Danish Design School 2003. Since then she have been working with porcelain in the shape of tableware, lightobjects /lamps and unique pieces. She works from her studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her approach an