Designer / Kunsthåndværker

Josephine Mette





I believe in process. I perceive this sporadic time, that we call the process, to be an entirely forgiving and unmistakably insightful segment in the creation of visual arts. I always allow myself to be mentally and physically immersed in the process. This segment consists partly of chaos, production and constant idea development; and is where my experience of being a craftsman becomes richer. I respect the process. I value the process.
I strive to create ceramic works that explore the balance between static and dynamic elements. The combination of simple, geometric shapes intrigues me and I am constantly seeking a sense of harmony in each body of work I construct. My focus is geared towards form, shape, line and proportion. I seek only to incorporate the vital components in a piece of work – no superfluous elements exist – every given aspect present has a specific purpose.
My work is the simple expression of complex thought - a representation provoking a broad range of perceptions.